OPUS 12 Scientist, Volume 4, Number 1 (Jan-Jun 2010)

Guide to free statistical software: General applications

S. P. A. Stawicki


Biomedical sciences continue to evolve. In the constantly changing environment of modern research, it is important for investigators to maintain both knowledge and familiarity with statistical computer applications. Much like the research itself, statistical software and methods continue to evolve rapidly. While it is difficult to keep up with the most current versions of statistical software, choosing software package that is not optimized for the needs of the research project can be both costly and embarrassing. This brief research guide provides a description of the most useful and relevant non-traditional statistical resources available to the 21st Century scientist.

Stawicki SPA. Guide to free statistical software: General applications. OPUS 12 Scientist 2010;4(1):12-13.

Keywords: Medical research, Statistical software, Freeware, Open source, Review.

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